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Visualize, Strategize & Operate

Prior to the Men’s retreat, we had an agreement with Camp Palestine about the condition of the facilities, the recreation activities and the food. When we got there, it wasn’t clean, there were spider webs, bugs, dirty windows etc. Although the layout was wonderful and the staff was extremely friendly, because of the lack of interest in camping nowadays, the upkeep is beyond the resources brought in throughout the year.

The men went to the chapel which was in the same condition and I presented to them our agreement with Palestine Camp. I asked if we should pack up and leave, or stay. Two men responded to leave, then we asked Bro. Barry Manier and he responded, “I bless God for you brothers.” That statement which didn’t answer the question directly, caused a shift to occur and the men then fulfilled the purpose of the retreat which was to visualize, strategize and operate. We started discussing what we could do to change the condition and we agreed to clean the building. We created a plan then took action and cleaned the building for hours. The Camp employees were asking what we were doing. We responded, “we’re cleaning the place up for you.” After working together, we enjoyed the grounds and the cleanliness made it pleasant to be there.

Sometimes all you need is a shift in the atmosphere. We thank God for Brother Barry Manier and how God used him to speak to our hearts. The men that attended the conference were truly blessed and we look forward to future outings together!

By Pastor Carl McKinney