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Hope, A Catalyst

“Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life.” Proverbs 13:12 KJV

Being a teacher, I love science. I know, that seems in a way a little counterintuitive for a church leader. Darwinism, the theory that we descended from apes so dauntingly scoffs at Creationism and some Christians interpret that scientists are in some respects delving into matters that they have no business but, I believe in God. During this time of studying about Nehemiah, I reflected on how hope fueled his adventurous journey back to Jerusalem to rebuild, restore and renew the broken walls and burned gates. Hope helped him to provide a place for the Priests and Levites to reside, all the while fighting off his enemies. Hope and faith in God enabled Nehemiah to exhibit solid and stable leadership through it all. Let’s face it…many of us would not have the faith necessary to stand up to tenacious enemies or to trust the others appointed to carry through on the tasks they promised to do in restoring Jerusalem. It was compassion deep within him that gave him hope. The scriptures say that hope deferred will make the heart sick. During the four-month long selah of fasting and prayer, I believe Nehemiah was allowing God to bless the hope within him, setting it as the catalyst for his faith. Pausing in prayer and fasting is the science of our spiritual life. I believe God will at the

right time, reveal all things, even the intricacies of science. As I see it, God is the greatest scientist of all time. He created all good things and guess what? He’s not done yet!

Written By: Elder Rita Burkholder