Hello Grades K-6

During this time of quarantine, the Youth Governing Board prepared and distributed Take Home Activity Kits to New Bethel Church Children Pre-K through 12th Grade! We wanted to make sure our children and youth had activities and games at home that are educational and will contribute toward their spiritual development for the next month or so. Each kit includes Grade Appropriate Learning Activities, Games, Crafts, Snacks and Bibles Lessons for the next few Sundays!

Download: March 29th Lesson & Activities – “Move”
Download: April 5th Lesson & Activities – “Palm Sunday”
Download: April 12th Lesson & Activities – “Easter Eggs-Periments”
Good Afternoon NBC Children’s Church Parents!
Easter is the most important holiday as a Christian. It is the day we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the key to Eternal Life! This year, God has given us the opportunity to truly celebrate the true meaning of Easter. We will not be focused on Easter Egg Hunts, Photos with the Easter Bunny or Easter Outfits. We can come together in our households to worship and give God praise for the sacrifice that was made for our sins.

The Children’s Church Ministry is preparing a special Easter video for Sunday Morning. If you want your child(ren) to be included, please video record your child completing this phrase:

“My name is ______________ and today I am grateful for __________. Happy Easter!”

The phrase can be completed with one word or a full phrase.

One Word Example: My name is John and I’m grateful for Life. Happy Easter!

Phrase Example: My name is Sarah and I’m grateful for Jesus dying on the cross for my sins and rising on the 3rd Day! Happy Easter!!

The video must be no more than 20 seconds. Email the video to amaris.brady@newbethelkc.org by Friday, April 10th at 10AM. Please Note: If you have multiple children participating, please record them each separately.
God Bless & Happy Easter!