The mission of the New Bethel Church is fourfold: to Deliver the lost from a worldly system, make them Disciples of Jesus Christ, Develop them for their purpose, and Deploy them into ministry. And rather than move to a suburban location, New Bethel desires to remain in the inner city of Kansas City, Kansas yet serve internationally.

Lady Angela and I, along with so many at Bethel, are willing to sacrifice our time, talent, and money to reach the people of this community and a far for the cause of Christ. Though we are recognized as being one of the fastest growing churches in America, there are over 2 million people in the KC Metro area, of which the vast majority needs to be introduced to a life with Jesus Christ! We have this unique opportunity to reach them at a pace that can affect and impact the world!

We want the members of the New Bethel Church to be a part of the building process by submitting suggestions of the building name! The first part of the name will include our founder, “Rosie L. Summers” but what do you think should be after that? The NBC Executive Board and Executive Staff will consider all submissions! Thank you for your continual support to the ministry!

The Building Name Campaign has ended! Thank you for your submissions!