Step 1: Event Scheduling Form

Suggested Submission: About 6-12 weeks prior

Please complete the form below to secure an event on behalf of a ministry at the New Bethel Church. An “event” includes but isn’t limited to a program, fundraiser, rehearsal, service, meeting, information booth/table or anything that includes the New Bethel Church name.

After submitting this form, Sis Kim Parker will make sure there are no conflicts.

Situation A: If the date(s) you request is available and event is permissible she will add it to the NBC google calendar and contact you upon approval within 1 week of submission.

Situation B: If the date(s) you request is available, but some needed support is encouraged before approval can be given, someone from the Administrative Team will follow-up with you. After the Admin team has discussed details with you regarding the event and has given the necessary assistance, Sis. Kim Parker will reach out with approval update.

Situation C: If the date you requested is NOT available or permissible, she will contact you to either consider a different date or make changes to the event before an official approval.

An approval has to be given before completing a Ministry Announcement Form or JAM form.

*It is encouraged that all ministries seek guidance from the Quality Management Ministry to assure successful events.

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