Pastor Summers - Young PhotoPastor Rosie Summers was born in Moticello, Arkansas where she was active in the Baptist Church.  She later became active in the Church of God in Christ and under the urging of the Holy Ghost she was baptized in Jesus’ Name by the efforts of Sister Evelyn Perkins. She later became a member of Christ Temple Pentecostal Church pastored by District Elder Walter Scott and married Deacon George Summers.

Being called by God to lead His people, Pastor Summers answered the mandate. Under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, Bethel Pentecostal Church was founded and opened on July 4, 1948 under the leadership of Pastor Rosie Summers and she was assisted by her sister, Vashti Boushier. The church was located at 515 Charlotte, Kansas City, MO. That building used sawdust as flooring and District Elder Walter Scott (former pastor of Christ Temple Church, now Victorious Life Church) preached the opening message. Many great men and women of God where in attendance at the grand opening and the first offering received was $32.86.

Urban renewal forced the church to relocate and a freeway was paved over the original site. Bethel relocated to 2700 N. 7th St. Kansas City, KS. Being led of God the church moved to 709 South 4th St. It was at this location that many souls were added to the ministry. Brother Clarence Henderson and Sister Ezzie Henderson were the first deacon and missionary, respectively.

At 518 Shawnee, the erection of a new building was started. The services were held in the basement, which became the first phase of the building. Due to frequent flooding, urban renewal and the extensive church growth, the 250 seating capacity would not accommodate the entire congregation; consequently, a building fund drive was launched by Pastor Summers with the help of Assistant Pastor Kenneth Neal and Elder William T. Warren. The Lord blessed and the congregation moved to 1600 New Jersey, Kansas City, KS in 1971.

Bethel Church Family - New JerseyPastor Rosie Summers retired in 1974, appointing Elder Kenneth Neal as the pastor. Under the leadership of Elder Neal many outreach ministries were established. Some of the ministries included a weekly radio broadcast, prison ministry and junior missionaries. The initial church mortgage was burned, additional properties were acquired including our first church bus. Also, our original church motto was born: “This is the church, where everybody is somebody, and nobody is a stranger, you belong here!” In 1981, Bethel’s first Holy Convocation was held. These services were a celebration of consecration and rededication to God. Because of the success of these anointed and exciting services, other sister churches adopted this auspicious celebration. Many souls were added to the church under the ministry of District Elder Kenneth Neal.

From September 1986 through January 1988 Head Deacon William Rogers was the Overseer of Bethel. By the direction of God he did an outstanding job of keeping God’s people together. A general face lift of the church was accomplished during this period and new pews were acquired. Also during this time God favored Bethel to become great friends with Bishop Wayne S. Davis as he also helped Bethel during this time of transition.

January 1988, Elder Reuben K. Johnson became pastor. During his tenure the Cross Cultural Intercessory Prayer Ministry, Community Service Outreach ministry, Operation Bread Basket, Feed the Multitude, Sunday morning breakfast for the homeless and many others ministries were implemented. In April 1996, God moved on the heart of District Elder Johnson to rename the church to New Bethel Church, Inc. Under the leading of the Lord in 2000 we purchased and moved to 1500 Central Ave. Kansas City, KS.

God favored NBC, Inc. in November 2004; Jathan K. Austin was elected as the new Senior Pastor of the church. He brought with him a message of reconciliation and restoration of God’s people. In his short tenure the ministry experienced an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and an increase in Sunday Worship Service and Tuesday evening Bible Class. Pastor Austin was inspired to have “Unbreakable Family” an event that made NBC a 21st century ministry. In September 2006 Elder Dreaux Sawyer was named lead Elder, He along with the board of Elders were selected to continue the great commission of Pastor Rosie Summers.

Bethel history church PictureGod once again favored NBC as Suffragan Bishop A. Glenn Brady was elected the new Senior Pastor of the church. A true visionary he continues to push and pull greatness out of the members of New Bethel. He started a series of teachings on Wednesday nights called the L.I.F.E. Impact Series which uses Biblical Holistic Teaching to improve the quality and longevity of your life, and to impact your purpose in destiny. Under his leadership Bethel has experienced tremendous growth in membership as well as ministries established; including W.O.W. Women of Worship, Hunger 4 More Youth Ministry, Ministerial classes, and Thursday night family ministry. A call for living holy, being accountable, having a spirit of excellence and finding your purpose in Christ has been a staple of New Bethel under Pastor Brady’s leadership. The Lord also moved again and New Bethel Church was able to obtain our new and present edifice at 745 Walker Ave in Kansas City, KS in June of 2009.

God has favored Bethel with not only natural, but spiritual descendants of some of the greatest Pentecostal preachers the world has ever seen or heard: Bishop James A. Johnson, Bishop William Abney & Bishop Norman L. Wagner. God is a good God and He has kept New Bethel Church through trials & triumph. We have just seen a glimpse of the greatness that will come forth. It’s A New Day at Bethel.

“We are not a Mega-Church… just a growing church trying to make a Mega-Impact!”

The Future New Bethel Church Worship Center…