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“Thank God for the Holy Ghost!”

“And when the day of Pentecost had fully come… they were all filled with the Holy Ghost.”

(Acts 2:1,4)

Holy greetings in the name of our soon coming King, Jesus Christ! We can give God thanks for favor and His continual blessings that have been showered upon us. What an awesome time we’ve had over the past couple of weeks! God blessed us with our 5K Walk/Run/Cycle & Community Block Party as well as our tremendous Bethel Outside the Walls & God’s weekend. I appreciate everyone who put forth the effort and made all the events successful.

Today is PENTECOST SUNDAY! The word “Pentecost” comes from the Greek word for the fiftieth day. “Pente” is Greek for five. It is called “Shavout,” the Feast of Weeks (Exodus 34:22; Deut 16:9-11) and the Feast of Harvest (Exodus 23:16) of the Day of the First Fruits. In the Jewish faith, the Feast of Pentecost occurred on the 50th day after the Passover. It falls on Sunday, the first day of the week “the morrow after the Sabbath.” (Leviticus 23:15,16)

But while this date has great significance to the Jewish faith, for us in Christendom it represents the day when the Holy Ghost fell to indwell into mankind! “And when the day of Pentecost had fully come… they were all filled with the Holy Ghost.” (Acts 2:1,4) The fulfillment of the promise Jesus made prior to his crucifixion (St. John 14:15,18), as well as after his crucifixion (Acts 1:8) was fulfilled on this day, PENTECOST SUNDAY!

And for us at New Bethel, we know the power of the Holy Ghost will transform a life and provide the guidance needed to develop into a Christian believer! It is the power that enables you to live and walk upright! Just think… it is God in you!! I was filled with the Holy Ghost at the age of fourteen and I can personally testify that it changed my life! I’ve never regretted making my commitment to Christ, nor have I looked back! The promise was made for all mankind and you too can experience this wonderful gift! You must receive the Holy Ghost!

As we look back just since the beginning of this year and all that we’ve experienced (both collectively as a church body and individually), we know without a doubt that the ‘Holy Ghost’ has guided and watched over us. Every time I turn around, He keeps on blessing me! The ‘Holy Ghost’ was there to steer and direct our every move, with an “unseen” power that provided the needed protection against a determined evil foe who sought every occasion to steal, kill, and destroy our life. BUT GOD! Remember this is “The Year of Abundance!” Be blessed.

The Master’s Vessel,

Pastor A. Glenn Brady