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November 2022 Election

Importance of Voting

More than ever, it is essential that every voice – that your voice – is being heard. When our elected officials actually represent the communities they serve, that means better policies that meet the real needs of those most impacted.

If you think your vote doesn’t count, think again. It may feel like our votes don’t count for much in a presidential election, but there are other state and local races that will be decided this year by just a handful of votes. The decisions made at these levels impact everyday issues you probably care about, like the quality of schools, policing and public safety, and even affordable housing. Simply put, your vote makes a huge difference! We know democracy works best when we all participate. Don’t give up your power (or let others give up theirs!)

Registering to Vote

Nearly 20% of eligible voters in Kansas are not registered to vote. There’s a good chance someone you know isn’t registered! Take some time to talk to your family, friends, and coworkers to make sure they are registered.

It’s super easy to register online in Kansas at Anyone who wants to vote in the primary needs to register by October 18, 2022.

But wait! Registered voters need to double check their registration, too!

Sure, lots of the people you know are probably already registered to vote. But it’s always a good idea to check your registration status before an election. Especially if you:

  • Have moved (Did you know 20% of adults have moved during the pandemic? They need to re-register where they live!)
  • Gotten married, divorced, or otherwise changed their name
  • Just turned 18 or gone to college (Are you voting from your college town? From home? Make sure you are registered where you plan to vote!) Voter registration status can also be checked at

Understanding the Ballot

Once you’re registered, you’ll want to see who and what is on your ballot this year. The presidential election is important but there are a lot of other meaningful races happening down your ballot too. is a new tool that makes it easy for you to plan how you want to vote for every single item on your ballot.

Go to and type in your address to have a nonpartisan, comprehensive look at the candidates and issues that will appear on your ballot. Then easily read up on the candidate’s positions and find links to their social media accounts and websites. You can even mark how you want to vote for each seat and print it as a guide!

Making a Plan to Vote

Nearly 50% of registered voters will skip the November 8 election. That is why it’s super important to make a specific plan to vote this year and to stick to it. lets you design a plan to make voting easy (and they’ll even send you reminders!)

There are plenty of voting options available, choose what works for you:

  • Vote by Mail: Anyone can vote by mail, and it’s a safe, easy option this election. Request your ballot at If you’re unsure about voting by mail, check out this helpful FAQ.
  • Voting Early in Person: Skip the crowds and cast your vote in person. Find your early voting location on
  • Vote on Election Day in Person: As always, polls will be open until 7 p.m. will let you know your polling place

Helping Your Family & Friends

We know voting is important to you, but do your friends and family feel the same? Don’t let them sit this election out! Voter to Voter is a nonpartisan, Kansas-based voter turnout initiative that allows you to connect with the people close to you! The program recruits volunteer ambassadors, who commit to ensuring 10+ of their people vote this year. You can sign up as an individual or form a team for your book club, church group, and workout buddies. Sign up for Voter to Voter today.