The Grow Your Ministry Conference

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  • Wednesday | September 2, 2015 to Friday | September 4, 2015
  • 11:59 pm - 11:59 pm
  • 7640 NW Tiffany Springs Pkwy Kansas City, MO 64153
  • (913) 281-2002
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Date(s) - 09/02/2015 - 09/04/2015
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What a POWERFUL Grow Your Ministry Conference! The theme, “Ministry Beyond the Walls” could not have been more fitting for this time!

On the behalf of my wife, Angela and I, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all those that joined us this year at the Grow Your Ministry Conference. It is our prayer that you were greatly enriched and impacted as you prepare to experience even greater! May God’s continued blessings be with each of you and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

Pastor A. Glenn Brady , GYM Conference Host     

Audio CDs and DVDs are Now Available! Click on the link below to download the order form and mail it to The New Bethel Church to receive your copies of many of the sessions at this year’s Grow Your Ministry Conference! You may also call the NBC office at (913) 281-2002 and place your order by credit card.

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This year’s GYM Conference include the following guests speakers:

IMG_1567Bishop David C. Cooper has been in ministry for over 30 years and is the senior pastor of New Hope Full Gospel Baptist Church in Albuquerque, NM. Presently, Bishop Cooper serves as a Regional Bishop in the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship. Of his many accomplishments, Bishop Cooper considers his chief accomplishment to be leader of his home.


Lady Crisette Ellis is a native of Detroit, MI. She is the wife of the Honorable Bishop Charles H. Ellis III, mother of two, CEO of Affirmations by Crisette and Michigan’s first African American National Sales Director in Mary Kay. Her unique style and gifting is the reason why she is a sought after minister and motivational speaker throughout the world.

Jay Williams was appointed by President Barak Obama to serve as the Assist Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development. Prior to working for the Obama Admin, Williams served as the Mayor of Youngstown, Ohio. Under the age of 40, his leading efforts had a direct impact on improving the lives for citizens.

DT-Extra-1Darren Thomas is the Founder and Pastor of REBIRTH Worship Center in Columbus, OH. He is a well-respected man of God, preacher, teacher and worship leader with the heart and passion of King David. His mission in ministry is strength the temple worshippers; expanding the knowledge and power of the priesthood.

Many presenters have made their presentations available in the form of a PDF. Click on the link under the corresponding topic to access downloadable presentations. We will continue to update this site as additional resources are made available.
The following were the General Sessions:
  • “Going Beyond the Wall This session introduces the thematic reason behind this year’s GYM Conference. Success of your ministry is tied to both your ability to identify and your willingness to go beyond the church walls into areas of what some might consider as cutting-edge. It means taking “Ministry Beyond the Walls!” 
  • 2015 AGB Session Beyond the Walls 2015 AGB Session


  • “Developing Your Leadership Team: Who’s Got My Back?” Church growth and true ‘effectiveness’ as a pastor has a direct bearing on who is on your team assisting you in pursuit of your ministry goals. What criteria should be considered when you select those who are part of your team? You will learn what does it mean to be an assistant and what must be considered in selecting leadership.
  • 2015 AGB Session Developing Your Leadership Team


  • “God Has No Glass Ceilings” The phrase ‘glass ceiling’ is often a term given that suggests because of your gender, age, or race you cannot achieve beyond a certain level in life. And unfortunately even in the church, there are those who set boundaries in your life to insinuate you cannot become or fulfill. This session will let you know that in God you can ‘break through’ every limitation that man tries to set as your purpose [even in the church] to fulfill your divine purpose.


  • “Dreams Do Come True” Have you ever seen yourself doing something you didn’t believe could ever come true? Have you ever received a dream where you envisioned yourself in a ministry that did not fit the ‘cookie-cutter’ role that many in the church defined for you? This session will challenge your faith to understand that God often has a purpose in our lives that go beyond the traditional positions of the church.


  • “Church Leadership for a New Direction” In this session it will be shared how principles on church leadership must be re-examined from traditional views of the past to embrace a new direction for ministry to the Generation X, Millennials & Generation Z. Using the successful pedagogy of Jesus Christ who empowered a leadership team to impact a dispensational change, you’ll discover principles that will equip you to effectively reach new realms of ministry.
  • Bishop Cooper Who Says You Can’t Do that in Ministry


  • Taking Worship to a New Realm” It is important to understand that worship is ‘dynamic’ which means it is always active or changing. Our worship must be taken to a new realm or dimension that cannot be defined in the traditional role we consider in the church. You will learn how your worship must go beyond the traditional walls of the church for a global impact of a new generation!

  •  The Following were the Seminar Topics:


  • Ministry with a Solid Foundation: Prayer & Holy Ghost Receiving
  • Lady Angela Brady & Minister Kameron Adams


  • Expanding the Role of a First Lady & Female Church Leaders
  • Lady Crisette Ellis


  • Effective Ministry for Today’s Youth
  • LaQuisha Harvey & Lakeisha Burns




  • Worship & Music Ministry on a Budget
  • Pastor Darren Thomas





  • Church Administration II – Priorities Needed for Running a Church Office
  • Kimberly Parker & LaQuisha Harvey


  • Understanding the Church Rights Regarding Same Sex Marriages
  • Pastor Tommie Harsley



  • Givelify as a Tool for Ministry (Nonprofit Donation Phone App)
  • Elder Vonzel Sawyer



CDs and DVDs Available Soon!

For additional resource information, contact the New Bethel Church office at (913) 281-2002 or email us at!



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