We are excited to have you as a part of our church family. Know that you have a community of Christian believers that will keep you lifted as WE navigate through life’s journey together. Yes, that’s right… you are not alone!

Upon joining the ministry you will be enrolled into the new members’ series entitled “First Steps Into Life”. These sessions are designed to assist you with your transition into this ministry and hopefully will answer any concerns you may have in becoming a member of The New Bethel Church. It is our prayer that your experience here will enhance your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ as you fulfill your purpose in destiny! The sessions are offered online and rotate throughout the year at the New Bethel Church to accommodate your schedule. You do not have to take the classes in order because we welcome you to start soon after you have joined the ministry. All new members will receive a notebook at the first class attended. The notebook as a PDF file is also available for you to download below!

Welcome to The New Bethel Church! ~ Pastor A. Glenn & Lady Angela Brady

Upcoming New Members’ Classes: